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Precious Cargo™

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Precious Cargo™
  • Our Price:$25.95

For hundreds of years, merchants sailed to faraway lands in search of untold wealth, bringing Precious Cargo that was worth a fortune – if they could find the right port at which to sell it. In Precious Cargo you start with a single ship and one sail. By making clever choices about what goods to trade, which ports to visit and colonize, and when to invest in improving your fleet, you could build an empire and make a fortune!

Additional Info

  • Ages:10 and up
  • Players:2
  • Contents:Heavy Duty Quad Fold Gameboard, 6 Wood Ships (Hulls), 18 Masts (3 sizes) 18 Sales (9 each of Red and Yellow), 20 Wood Cargo Crates (Multiple Colors), 16 Commodity Chips (8 Red, 8 Yellow), 6 Wood Governor Pieces (Red and Yellow), 20 Cardboard Coins (5 silver coins worth 1 each and 15 gold coins worth 3 each), 2 Shipping Guide Sheets, 1 Supply Card illustrated instructions.