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Rubik's Checkers Challenge Rules

To capture all of your opponent’s pieces or to get your opponent into a position where he cannot move any of his pieces.

Each player commands 8 two-sided pieces (each piece has a King side and a man side). Place the game board between both players. Each player places his eight pieces KING SIDE UP (two-colored side) on the board, one per space in the two closest rows, as shown. (In Rubik’s Checkers Challenge, you start as a King and fight to retain your power!)


Players move one of their pieces per turn and alternate turns.

1. Kings move diagonally, forward or backward, as in regular checkers (Note: diagonally adjacent spaces are connected by lines on the board).

2. A King may jump over an opposing piece if the space beyond is vacant. As in regular checkers, multiple jumps are possible. When a King jumps an opposing King, the opposing King is “demoted” and flipped to its man side.

3. A man can only move (diagonally) backwards, not forward. A man cannot jump or capture. (Basically, this means a man is retreating. He has lost the power of being a King).

4. On your turn you may either move a piece or promote a man (who has retreated into your own home row on a prior turn) to King. You cannot move a man back into your home row and promote him on the same turn.

5. A King may also jump one of his own men. By jumping his own man, a King promotes his man back to King.

6. When a King jumps an opposing man, the man is captured and removed from the board.

Play continues until one player cannot make a move or a promotion, or all of his pieces have been captured. The opposing player wins the game.