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Charlie and The Chocolate Factory Rules


To be the first player to reach the Great Glass Elevator space in the center of the board with a complete set of six different pieces of candy.


Punch out the Oompa-Loompa disks and Wonka pieces. Stack each of them, face down, on the appropriately marked spaces on the game board. Organize the Candy deck into sets (each set should have 6 pieces of candy-all different varieties). For a two -player game you will use 3 sets, for a three-player game 4 sets and for a four-player game you will use all the cards. Place any unused portion of the deck aside, out of play. Shuffle the deck well and place it face down on the appropriate space on the board. Each player chooses a different colored token and places it on the Start area.

How to Play

The youngest player starts the game with a throw of the die. You move forward the number of spaces on the chocolate river indicated by the throw. The turn then passes, clockwise, to the next player.

There are 2 instances when you do not have to move the full distance of the throw: if you want to collect candy in one of the exciting rooms of the Chocolate Factory or if you prefer to stop and pick-up an Oompa-Loompa disk.

Collecting Candy

To collect candy, players have to enter the Inventing Room, the Great Gum Machine, the Nut Room or the TV Room. When you enter a room, you will take the top piece from the Willy Wonka stack. You may now take as many candy cards as the Wonka piece directs (1,2,3 or as many as you like if the picture of Mr. Wonka is chosen). You must pick up the cards one at a time. The candy cards have to be placed, face up, in front of you. On your next turn you may choose to stay in the room and try to collect more candy. Once you have finished with any Wonka pieces, return them to the bottom of the stack.

Greed Penalty

But beware: if you are as greedy as Augustus Gloop, and pick a candy card you already have, you will be punished! Your token is sent at once to the room alongside, such as the Fudge Room, the Juicing Room, the Rubbish Room, or the Stretching Room. You must stay there for at least three full turns unless you succeed in calling Mr. Wonka to help you, by drawing the Willy Wonka piece that has the picture of Willy Wonka (not a number) on it. Only then are you allowed to throw the die, move back onto the chocolate river and rejoin the game.

Oompa-Loompa Disks

To collect Oompa-Loompa disks, players simply stop off at any of the Oompa-Loompa spots on the chocolate river. You take a disk from the top of the Oompa-Loompa stack and then the turn passes to the next player.

The Oompa-Loompas are, as you would expect, wonderfully helpful. The give/take disks can be used either to take from any other player a single candy card or to give any other player a single candy card of your own. Once a disk is used, it must be placed at the bottom of the disk stack.

The lock disks, as their name suggests, are used to put your candy under lock and key to stop them from being taken by other players. Just place the lock disk on any of your candy cards and it is safe throughout the game. Once played, a lock disk cannot be moved. If you draw a duplicate of a "locked" candy card, you simply return the card to the bottom of the deck.

Players may not hold more than 2 Oompa-Loompa disks at any one time. If you have 2 of them and take another one from the stack, you must return one immediately to the bottom of the stack.

On your turn, you are allowed to use one disk only. You do that before you throw the die to move or before you collect candy.

Winning the Game

To win, you have to be the first to reach the Great Glass Elevator with six, and only six, different pieces of candy.