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Inventor Relations

Re:  New Product Ideas

Winning Moves receives many inquires about submitting new game ideas.  Unfortunately, we do not accept unsolicited submissions.  We have an internal design team and also depend upon a select group of professional inventors for our ideas.  

Our best advice would be for you to work through a toy and game broker.  Brokers provide assistance and a “foot in the door” with many different game and toy manufacturers.  In return, they charge a fee for reviewing each concept and also earn a percentage of any royalties if they are successful in placing your concept with a manufacturer. We cannot make specific recommendations and do not endorse any particular broker, but two long-standing agents are:
  • Howard Fleischer
    Royalty Pros
    20 West 22nd Street, Suite 1503
    New York, NY  10010
  • The Toy Industry Association can also assist you with locating a games agent.
    1115 Broadway, Suite 400
    New York, NY  10010-2803
We thank you for your interest and wish you the best of luck with your game idea.